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Common Questions - 06/26/15
Posted by Claude Arnaud Lavaud on 26 Jun 2015 05:26 PM


How do I import Inventory Items?

How do I copy my inventory listing to another location?

When should I synchronize my inventory counts?


Why is my marketing code not calculating?

How do I process an Insurance Payment?

Why does the Original Payment Amount in Checkout show a different amount than the order?


How do I create and submit insurance claims?


What are the System Requirements for MVE?

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Common Questions - 06/12/15
Posted by Claude Arnaud Lavaud on 12 Jun 2015 06:04 PM


How do I set up Patient Communication?


How to transfer stocks items from one location to another?

How does deleting an inventory item affect my orders?

Why is my on hand amount not showing the quantity I am expecting to have in stock?


How do I create an order from an Exam?


How do I setup security options for my employees?


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Upcoming Summer Webinars
Posted by Michelle Stone on 10 Jun 2015 02:31 PM

My Vision Express Webinars

Learn how to optimize My Vision Express for your practice with our webinar series. Our expert team will walk you through some of the various modules of our practice management and electronic health records (EHR) software to show how you can improve office efficiency, streamline your practice workflow, and maintain a loyal patient base.

We have several dates and times available for our webinar series taking you through various modules of My Vision Express — simply pick from the selection below. Please note that each webinar will last an hour and include a question and answer session. Also, all times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Please note that after registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

If you have any questions regarding these webinars or past webinars, call My Vision Express at 1-877-882-7455  or email us at

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Common Support Questions
Posted by Claude Arnaud Lavaud on 29 May 2015 12:17 PM


How do I merge duplicate patient records?

How do I export my patient data?


How do I delete a payment posted through Batch Payments?

Why is my payment/refund not auto-allocating?

How do I create and apply Marketing codes to an order?

How do I setup employee commission?


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Top Support Questions - May 2015
Posted by Claude Arnaud Lavaud on 20 May 2015 05:00 PM



How do I view multiple doctors in the Calendar?


Why can't I retrieve a patient's eligibility through Gateway EDI/Trizetto?


I cannot create a PO for some inventory items

Why doesn't my item appear after scanning the barcode?

What barcode scanners are compatile with My Vision Express?


How do I backup/restore my database?






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