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How do I update the patient information from the forms they filled out in the patient portal into MVE?
Posted by Veronica Marcano on 13 Aug 2014 03:09 PM

1. Log-in to Patient Portal

2. At the Patient Portal Main Menu, select Forms>Forms. The system will then display a list of patients and the forms that have been completed by the patients.

3. Verify the status of the form is Completed. 

4. Under the Update EHR Column, you can click on the link to the corresponding form layout that you want to update into MVE. Once you update the form it will change the status in the portal from completed to closed. Once a form is closed, it cannot be modified by either a patient or an employee.

5. Go into MVE and find your patient. In the Patient Profile update the patients basic information by selecting the Portal button on the top right side.




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