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How can I keep track of claims that have been submitted directly through insurance websites?
Posted by Marlene Vega on 21 Nov 2014 02:39 PM

There are many insurance companies that require you to bill on their website, especially if it is a spectacle lens order.  But how do you keep track of whether that claim was paid or has been re-submitted?

The answer is simple, create a claim within My Vision Express.  This will allow you to create reports with these claims and keep track of their submission and payment status

In order to do this you will create a spectacle lens order as usual, e.g, add frame, lenses, coatings, services, insurance company, insurance plan and take payment for the order.  

From the checkout screen you will select the icon that looks like a manilla folder.  This will take you back to the order.  At the bottom of the screen you will see a Claims button, select it. By doing this you are creating a claim within My Vision Express.

While the claim is open you will want to go to the Charges Tab.  At the bottom right you will see a drop down for claim status.  You will want to update the status to "Submitted through Website".  

If this claim status is not available refer to the Customize Claim Status Dropdown Article

**We recommend this status to differentiate between claims that are sent through clearinghouses and those that are submitted directly through websites.



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