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Network ID error in the Claim
Posted by Gloria Marquez on 21 Jan 2015 07:22 PM

Receiving the follow error: "Rs=IDCO0388|Eid=IDCO0388|Eld=Invalid Network ID.|Fid=HCnei|Fnm=Provider Network ID|Eid=IDCO0388|Eld=Invalid Network ID.|Fid=HCnei|Fnm=Provider Network ID"


1. Go to File > Setup > Insurance > Provider

2. Select the corresponding provider




3. Add the Provider Plan Network Identification Number for the Insurance Type

Note: Provider Plan Network Identification Number is equal to the NPI for the provider

4. CLick Save


5. In the claim you should look for this number in the drop down for box 33b.



6. Then you can click Electronic



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