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How to resolve the "Invalid connection file...." error
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Invalid connection file

(C:\users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\workspaces\{B290FAE7-DFEA-4B20-AF..\My Vision Express (Work Resources).rdp) specified



  • Unable to connect to
  • For those customers that have configured a RemoteApp Web Feed, they will recieve this error upon double-clicking on the MVE icon repeatedly and it will not work




  • The remoteapp configuration has been been corrupt
  • The RemoteApp.rdp file has become corrupt upon attempting to perform an update, this is a known issue.




  • Remove the RemoteApp by following the steps below:
    Click start on the windows task bar(If using a Windows 7 pc type "RemoteApp and desktop connections" in the search box,  If using Windows 8 type "Remoteapp and desktop connections" on the start screen.In the RemoteApp and desktop connections windows select "remove" then select "yes" to remove the connection.


  • Re-add the RemoteApp connection by following the instructions located here:

        Settings up Cloud RemoteApp and Desktop Connection on Windows 7 or Windows 8


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