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How do I create and submit insurance claims?
Posted by Claude Arnaud Lavaud on 26 Jun 2015 03:56 PM

There are two features available in My Vision Express designed to facilitate claim processing:

Auto Generate Claims - This feature allows you to automatically create a claim for any insurance order where a previous claim does not exist

Electronic Claim (Print/Electronic) - These feature allows you to either print or create an electronic batch of claims to submit to the insurance company or clearing house


Creating Claims

1. File > Batch > Claims - Auto-Generate Claims

2. Select the desired Order Date range using the "From:" and "To:" fields at the top of the window and click on Search

3. Address any errors returned in the "Validation and Actions" section

4. Click on Create Claims when ready

Orders can be excluded by unchecking the box on the left hand side of the grid


Printing Claims

1. File > Batch > Claims - Print Claims

2. Enter the desired criteria and click on the "Search" button

3. Use the "Include" box to add or exclude claims from the printout

4. Click on "OK"


Electronic Claims (ANSI/Print Format)

1. File > Batch > Claims - Electronic Claims

2.  Enter the desired criteria and click on the "Search" button

3. Address any error returned in the "ANSI 837 - Errors and warnings detected"

4. Click on the "ANSI 837" or the "Print Image" button to generate the claim file

a. Reference to your clearing house's file format for electronic submission (ANSI or Print Image)

5. Upload the claim file to your clearing house for processing

Claims can be excluded from the batch by unchecking the box available on the left hand side of the Claims grid



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