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How to setup Scanning in MVE
Posted by Claude Arnaud Lavaud on 13 Oct 2015 12:49 PM

My Vision Express is compatible with TWAIN scanners (Contact the scanner's manufacturer to verify).

There is no configuration required other than installing the scanner on the workstation to allow scanning from MVE.

A scanner can be used to add a patient's picture to the profile, scan insurance cards, and scan files into the Files tab.

Make sure to select the correct scanner before scanning:

1. Patient Profile > Profile Tab -- Camera Button

a. You can select a webcam or scanner from this window

b. Click on Capture to scan or take a picture

2. Patient Profile > Insurance Tab -- Scan Button

a. Click on the "Scanner" button to select the scanner and Scan Front/Scan Back to scan the document

3. Patient Profile > Files Tab

a. Add a new document record and click on the "View" button

b. Click on the "Scanner" button to select the scanner

c. Click on Scan or Scan Multiple to scan the document

**Cloud Users - Make sure to Install the TSScan application prior to scanning

**TSScan can be downloaded from the "Downloads" section of the RDS web site


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