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How to modify Spectacle Lens pricing
Posted by Claude Arnaud Lavaud on 15 Oct 2015 04:14 PM

When using Procedure Codes, Spectacle Lens Pricing can be adjusted in bulk using one of the two method listed below:

Procedure Code Setup

1. File > Setup > Insurance > Procedure Codes

2. Select the desired procedure code and update the "U & C:" field

a.Click on Yes at the prompt to update all items where the code is linked

3. Save and Close

Inventory Listing

The "Details" button from the Spectacle Lens inventory listing allows you to modify items individually or in groups.

See the steps below for how to update lens pricing using the Details button:

1. Select all the desired lenses from the inventory grid (File > Inventory > Spectacle Lenses) **Use Ctrl + Left Mouse click to select multiple items**

2. Click on the "Details" button

a. Select the "Procedure Codes" tab

b. Enter the updated U&C in the Retail Field for the desired procedure code

c. Click on "OK"

**Make sure not to enter any value for any field you would not like to update as that value will be updated to all selected lenses. Anything left untouched is not applied to the items**


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