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Known MAC issues with the Microsoft Remote Desktop App
Posted by Chris Calvaresi on 27 May 2016 10:00 AM

MVE Cloud users that connect from an Apple device must use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to access the software. This app is published by Microsoft and allows end-users to connect to remote desktops or RemoteApps from their OSX or iOS device. There have been several issues associated with using MVE Cloud through the Microsoft Remote Desktop App that are not present when users connect from a Windows computer.

Some known issues with the app include:

  1. Window resizing – At times, a window open within the remote desktop session will appear to slowly expand in size (OSX version)

  2. File uploads – Uploading files through the Windows Remote Desktop app fails at times. Completed uploads sometimes result in corrupted files. (OSX version)
  3. Flashing MVE buttons – The buttons across the top of the MVE screen will disappear and then re-appear one at a time, from left to right. This issue seems to have been resolved in recent updates. (OSX version)
  4. Frozen drop-down menus – At times, the drop-down menus become unusable and the MVE Cloud session must be restarted to correct the issue. (OSX version)
  5. Unintentional lock – Pressing the “L” key causes the session to lock. This has the appearance of a Windows logon screen and must be resolved by restarting the MVE Cloud session (OSX version)
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