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Can Canadian Users use the Frames Data IDA Web Service to import frames?
Posted by Meghan Modreck on 02 Jun 2016 04:17 PM

Yes. The user will need to have an account with Frames Data for the IDA option. Frames Data will then provide a 'username'. 

Where to enter the Frames Data Username:

1. Go to File > Setup > Company

2. Click the Integration tab

3. Click the Location sub-tab

4. In the 'Frames' section, enter the username in the Username field

5. Click the Save icon

Click HERE to view the video tutorial on how to use the Frames Data IDA Interface.

NOTE: If your account with Frames Data gives access to Canadian frames and US frames, you will be given the option of choosing 'US' or 'Canada' when you click the Install button within the Frames Data module. 

*This feature is available in Build 160801*

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