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How can I signify if a patient does not want to be contacted by a specific method?
Posted by Meghan Modreck on 11 Aug 2016 10:43 AM

From the Patient Profile Module:

  1. Click the Commun... button on the Profile tab
  2. Select a box next to the method that the patient does not want to accept. If the check box is:
    1. Left blank - No answer
    2. Filled-in - They refuse this method of communication
    3. Checked-off - They would like to receive communication through this method
  3. Close the 'Patient Communications' window after making your selections
  4. Click the Save icon
Example: A patient states that they would like to receive email communications for appointment reminders, birthday wishes, and 'eyewear ready' notifications. They do not want email communications about promotions, and they do not want to receive text messages for any type of communication. When staff opens the 'Patient Communications' window in that patient's profile, he or she would check-off the boxes under the Emails section for Reminders, Thank You, Birthday, and Eyewear. The Promotions checkbox should be selected as "filled-in" (will look like a black square within the checkbox). All checkboxes under the Text section should also be "filled-in". If the staff member did not get a chance to ask the patient about calls and postal mail, he or she would leave those checkboxes blank (empty) so that someone can verify when the patient is in the office again. See attachment for a screenshot of this example. 

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