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How can I update the ICD-10 Diagnosis Code List for the October 1st, 2016 change?
Posted by Meghan Modreck on 26 Sep 2016 02:11 PM

*These steps are only necessary for Local/Server Customers. Web-hosted Customers will already have the updated list available. 

From the Server Computer:

  1. Go to File > Setup > Company
  2. Click the System tab
  3. In the 'Insurance' section, click the Update ICD10 button
  4. A prompt will display, stating the following: "This process is going to update ICD10 Diagnosis Codes effective from October 1st, 2016. If you select Yes, MVE will remove the Diagnosis list and replace the codes. If you select No, MVE will not affect the current Diagnosis list and only add the additional codes. If you select Cancel, it will close this window.
    1. YES - Clicking the Yes button will wipe the current list of diagnosis codes and then import all up-to-date ICD-10 codes (ideal to get the most current list of ICD-10 codes and descriptions)
    2. NO - Clicking the No button will keep any ICD-10 codes that match codes on the updated list and only add codes that are not currently listed (ideal for customers that have modified the description of their current ICD-10 codes)
    3. CANCEL - Clicking the Cancel button will close the prompt window and will not affect the ICD-10 Diagnosis Code List
  5. Select the option that works best for your setup
  6. A new window will display once the update is complete
NOTE: These changes are necessary for claims being submitted starting on October 1st, 2016. Claims submitted before this date should continue to use the existing ICD-10 codes. It is the responsibility of the practice to update this list at the appropriate time. 

See attachment 1 for screenshot and attachment 2 for a list of the diagnosis codes that will be removed with this update. 

*This option will only be available for Build 160912.2


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