Installing My Vision Express version 10 Client
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Step 1 - Download


  • Login to Windows as an Administrator type user
  • Click Here to Download Setup File 
  • Go to file location (Most browsers by default will save file to your Downloads folder)

If your Maintenance and Support Plan is not current you should not download this update because it will lock My Vision Express on your system. 


Step 2 – Installation


1. Run the file by double-clicking on the mve_setup.exe file

Setup File

2. Installation will begin displaying the package verification status bar

install status

3. Welcome screen will appear to begin installation.  Click the Continue button to proceed.

client 2

4. Fill in box accepting Software License Agreement then click the Continue button to proceed.

client 3

5. Fill in box confirming you have read Release Notes.  To view Release Notes simply click the Load Notes button which will direct you to our Release Notes page at the Support Center.  If upgrading from a version earlier than MVE 10 it is highly recommended you read the Release Notes in their entirety. Click on the Continue button when ready to proceed.

client 5

6. Click on the Continue button to begin Upgrade process.

client 5

7. To make changes to program file location simply modify the Installation Folder field with the new location path.  If no changes are required click on Continue button to keep the default path.

client 6

8. Initiate installation of files by clicking on the Continue button.

client 7

9. Installation progress bar will appear during the installation process.

client 8

10. Once setup is complete click on Done button to launch application.

client 9

Step 3 – Login

The login window will appear where you can enter your credentials to access the application if you are simply updating from a previous version.  


For new client installs some changes will have to be made to the server field to connect with the database on the server machine.

  • Click on Server field
  • Enter in either the name or IP address of the server computer (server computer name is commonly used)
  • Example: sqlcluster\MVE_INSTANCE

“sqlcluster” being the name of the server computer

  • Enter User ID & Password

(new installs are defaulted to User ID: admin & Password: password)

  • After first successful login settings will be saved
  • Click OK button to login


stop NOTE: The following step is ONLY necessary on the My Vision Express server computer. For client upgrades, once you receive the above notification that the upgrade has completed successfully, the process is complete.  


After logging in successfully, you will be prompted to back up the database prior to upgrade (backing up prior to upgrading is highly recommended).


a. The database will then be upgraded to the most recent build as shown in the screenshots below.






b.Click 'OK' following the security updateyou will then receive a message stating that the application will now be restarted so the changes can take effect.

Your My Vision Express upgrade is now complete.


For additional assistance please contact My Vision Express Support 

1-877-882-7456 ext 3.


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