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How to disable power saving settings in Windows Vista or Windows 7
Posted by on 17 Jan 2013 01:05 PM


This article provides information on how to disable the power saving settings in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

info Disabling the power saving settings can help in preventing computers which are running My Vision Express, from going into 'hibernate' or 'sleep' mode after being idle for a time. This can cause inadvertent disconnects between the My Vision Express server, and the clients that are connecting to the server.


1. Right click on your Windows desktop, and select 'Personalize'.


2. Click on 'Screen Saver'.



3. Click on 'Change Power Settings'.



4. Select the radio button for the power plan you wish to enable ('High Performance' is recommended) and click on 'Change Plan Settings'.



5. Click on 'Change Advanced Power Settings'.

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6. Click on the '+' sign next to 'Hard Disk', and under 'Turn off hard disk after', change the 'Setting (minutes)' to 0, then click 'Apply'. This will disable the power saving setting on the hard drive.(For laptop computers, you will see an additional entry that says 'On Battery' or 'Plugged in'. Ensure 'Plugged in' is selected, then set it to 0)



7. Next, locate and click the '+' 'Wireless Adapter Settings'. Under 'Power Saving' select 'Maximum Performance' from the 'Setting' drop down, then click 'OK' to close the window. This will disable the power saver settings for the Wireless adapter, if applicable. 


8. Go to 'Control Panel' and click on 'Network and Internet'.


9. Click on 'Network and Sharing Center'


10. Click on 'Change Adapter Settings'.


11. Right click on 'Ethernet Network Adapter' and click on Properties.


12. Click on the 'Configure' button.


13. Click on the 'Advanced' tab and select 'Flow Control' from the list, and set to 'Disabled'.


14. Click on the 'Power Management' tab, and ensure 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' is DE-selected, and click OK.


info The remaining steps are only necessary if you are connecting to the network via Wireless.

15. Right click on the Wireless adapter and select 'Properties'.

16. Click on the 'Configure' button, and select the 'Power Management' tab.

17. Deselect the first checkbox, and click OK.

warning If, after performing the steps above, you are still having connectivity issues, please contact My Vision Express for additional assistance.


For additional assistance please contact My Vision Express Support 

1-877-882-7456 ext 3





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