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How to Link Services Between The Appointment Book (TAB) and My Vision Express
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This article provides information on how to link services between TAB (The Appointment Book) and My Vision Express. Once mapped correctly, when an appointment is created in My Vision Express, it should then appear in TAB calendar view. In addition, any appointments scheduled within TAB will also then appear in the My Vision Express calendar.


forbIMPORTANT-When mapping the services using the steps below, they must be mapped in a one to one relationship. Once a TAB service is mapped to a My Vision Express service, that particular service type cannot be used again or the synchronization will not occur. 


From within My Vision Express, go to File > Inventory > Services. Double click the service that you wish to map (in the example below, we will be mapping the My Vision Express service 'New Patient - Intermediate Exam' to the TAB appointment type 'New Patient - Contact Lens {NP CL}). Under  'The Appointment Book appointment type mapping', click the drop down, and select the TAB service you wish to map to, then click OK.



infoNOTE- The 'appointment duration'  in My Vision Express must match the duration within TAB or the appointments/services will not sync correctly. For example, if the appointment duration in My Vision Express is set to 15 minutes, the same duration must be set within TAB for that service, or the appointment will not carry over when created.


By default, there are eight basic appointment types and eleven checks within TAB that are available for mapping for the initial appointment


tab2 tab3

It is important to note that while there are additional services available to select within My Vision Express under 'The Appointment Book appointment type mapping' drop down, by default, only those shown above are shown when initially scheduling an appointment within TAB. 

For example, if you want to schedule an appointment for 'Lasik Consult {LSK CONS} in the TAB calendar, you will first need to create the appointment using one of the services in the chart on the above right, then (for example, New Patient- Eye Exam NP EEX),then, after the appointment is created, click it to 'Update'. Now, when you click the services drop down menu, all additional service types available will show in the list. For questions regarding service availability within TAB please contact (877)720-9119.

Once the above steps are completed, and you have mapped the services you wish to have synchronize between My Vision Express and The Appointment Book, any service appointments you create within either application should now reflect within both programs as shown in the example below.

tab5 tab6



For additional assistance please contact My Vision Express Support 

1-877-882-7456 ext 3


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