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How to Convert a Microsoft Excel File into CSV Format for Frame Inventory Import
Posted by on 06 Mar 2013 05:13 PM


This article provides information on how to convert a Microsoft Excel file (.xls) into CSV format using either Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.

Using Microsoft Excel

1. Open the .xls file that you wish to convert in Microsoft Excel.

2. Click on File, then Save As.


3. Specify where you would like to save the file.

4. Enter the desired name for your document in the File Name field.

5. In the Save As Type field, select CSV (Comma Delimited) from the drop down menu.


6. Click Save.

If you receive a warning message regarding the formatting of the .csv file, click YES.


Using Google Docs

If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed, you can convert the .xls file to .csv format using Google Docs, free of charge.

1. In the address bar of your browser, go to and log in using your gmail/google account credentials. 

2. Click New, and select Spreadsheet. This will create a new, blank spreadsheet.


3. Next, click on File, then Import.


4. You can import the following file formats: .xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv, and .txt. Click Choose File and select the Excel Spreadsheet you wish to convert. Once the import is complete, click on the Open Now link.


5. Once your new spreadsheet is open, click File > Download As > and select  CSV. This will download the spreadsheet in CSV format.


Ensure the CSV file is formatted correctly

Open the desired CSV file in Microsoft Excel. Ensure the file has the format listed below.

  • The order of the columns should be: Manufacturer, Collection, Frame Name, Frame Shape, Gender, Eyesize, A, B, ED, Bridge, Temple, Status, UPC, Retail Price, Cost Price.


NOTE- The first row is ignored when the file is imported.



  •  Retail Price and Cost fields should not have any currency ($) signs.
  • Do not format any of the cells (i.e. change the color, style, or alignment of the text).
  • The CSV file should only contain one (1) worksheet.
  • Save any Changes. When prompted, click Yes to confirm the format.


  • The CSV file is now ready to be imported into your MVE frame Inventory.

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