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How to Batch Claims
Posted by on 08 Apr 2013 10:23 PM

This article will provide you steps on how to create an insurance batch file to upload to your clearinghouse for processing. 

1.  Go to File > Batch > Claims 

2.  Enter in the Search Criteria


Location The location you will query for the claims.  If left empty by highlighting and clicking delete you can query for claims in all locations. 
Claim Status Status of claim noted on the claim located in the Charges tab of the insurance claim.  NOTE: When claim is submitted electronically system will notify you to change the claim status to printed. 
Insurance Type The type of insurance noted on the Patient tab of the insurance claim.
Date Created Range Date the claim was generated from either the order module or from the Claim module.  This date is noted in Accounting area of the Charges tab in the insurance claim
Date Submitted Range Date the claim was submitted as noted by the submitter in the Accounting area of the Charges tab on the insurance claim. 
Submitted Query for claims based on the Submitted checkbox in the Accounting area of the Charges tab being populated. 
Insurance Query based on the Insurance Company tied into the Insurance plan on the insurance claim. 
Format The file format the batch file will be created in for submission.  Print will allow you to print the claims on your CMS1500 form.  Electronic will generate a file to submit to your clearinghouse for processing.  NOTE: The default location of the electronic file is the local C:\ of your computer.  To change the default location go to File > Setup > Company Information > System Settings
Electronic Claim The electronic file claim format that will be accepted by your clearinghouse.  NOTE: This can be defaulted by navigating to File > Setup > Company Information > System Settings.


3. Select the claims from the list by clicking the box under the Include column or you can use the Unselect All & Select All buttons at the bottom. 



4. Once you have selected your claims click on the OK button to create your batch file. 


5. File is generated and saved to local computer. 

claim creation

6. File will open for review in Notepad. NOTE: If there are any errors on any of the claims in the ANSI batch file you will be notified in this file along with claim # and errors that need attention.  


7. Close file and click on Yes to update the status of the claims. 


8. Select the status from the drop down and click OK button.  All the claims in this file will have their status updated to your selection.  NOTE: The status options can be customized by going to File > Setup > Categories and navigating to Category Group Insurance Claim Status. 

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