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How to create a personalized letter
Posted by Courtney Marks on 04 Jun 2013 03:49 PM


This article outlines steps on how to create a personalized letter.

NOTE: The bottom of the article contains an attachment that will provide you with a list of all available Merge Fields for reference. 

1. Go to File > Letters

2. From the Letters tab, Click the Add button. (This will create a new entry, where you can enter the name of the Letter you wish to add. In the example below, we will be creating a new letter name “My First Letter”.)

3. Select the type of letter from the drop-down under the Type column (the type will dictate what module the letter will be available)


4. Navigate to the Letter Detail tab to start constructing your letter and enter in the letter content. 


*** Before start this step it may be easier to create template or modify letter from a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Open Office. For instructions on how to create your own custom letter click here.***


5. Once letter has been created, specify area on letter you would need the merge to be inserted. After which you will now begin to ‘Insert ‘the appropriate merge field in your letter as seen below.

6. To ‘Insert’ merge field into letter, position your cursor in the location of the letter then click the Merge Fields drop-down to show list of merge field based on the letter type selected in step 3. From the list of merge fields, select the appropriate merge field then click the Insert button to insert merge field in the letter.

NOTE: Merge fields pull data from fields in the program based on the letter type.  For example a letter created as a "Patient" type will have available merge fields associated with fields in the Patient module of the software.


7. After merge fields have been inserted into letter click Save button to finalize entry. 




Letter Types
Type Use
  • Use for welcome forms, patient history packets, next appointments etc.
  • Use of referrals, exam summaries, reports, etc.
  • Use for balance inquiry, recalls, etc. 
  • Use for recalls, patient history, welcome forms
  • Use for Rx pad, educational material instructions, expired prescriptions etc.



Calendar Module displays both the calendar and patient type letters.


Patient Module Displays the patient type letters.


Order Module and Quick Order Display both the order and patient type letters.
Exam Module Displays both the exam and patient letters.



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