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How do I create a Pearle Vision Balihoo CSV file?
Posted by on 23 Apr 2014 04:45 PM

1. Go to File > Letters > and then click on the Balihoo Export button (via the Search tab). This opens the Balihoo Export window.

2. At the Balihoo Export window, select the correct date range (From/To) and click on the Search button.

3. The Search results are displayed in the Balihoo Export window. When you make a search, every patient record is returned and validated. The records that did not pass the validation process are highlighted with a gray color and the validation error is reflected in the Validation Error column, which is the last displayed column of this window.

4. If you need to modify a patient record to correct a data error in one of the fields, select Record and click on the Modify button or double click on the record itself. The Patient window will open.customer

5. Modify/update the field information in question and then click on the Close button to save the change. When you return to the Balihoo Export window, the patient record will be validated again. Treat all validations in the same way.

6. To generate the CSV file, click on the Save As button. Then, select the folder in which you want to save the file. Click OK. You will get two CSV files: Balihoo.csv with the records that passed validation (as explained above) and BalihooFailedLog.csv with the records that did not pass the validation process.

Article Appendix

Pearle Vision uses Balihoo for local marketing by all of their stores. In order to begin direct mail marketing, customer recall, etc. their stores need the ability to extract patient information from our system and load this information into the Balihoo app. Based on the requirements of Pearle Vision, we are collecting the following information to generate teh Balihoo CSV file:

1. Basic Patient Information: First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip Code, Home Phone, Cell Phone, and E-mail Address.

2. Parameters of Selling:

Type: based on the quantity of frames and contacts bought by the patient. The type may be (1) both - when the patient bought frames and contact lense, (2) eyeglass - when the patient bought frames only, (3) CL - when the patient bought contacts only.

Source: Yes, if the patient's physician is in-house, otherwise No.

Last Purchase: Date of the last patient order.

Spent: Amount spent in the last patient order.

Sales Person: Name of the Sales Person that made the last order for the patient.

Other: Internal use for the store.

Every record in the file represents a patient and all of them (e.g. records) must pass an integrity validation test when you search or when it is executing from batch processing (see attached document in Balihoo called Validations.pdf). MVE allows for the exporting of valid and invalid records in two separate CSV files and fixes the patient records with validation errors. The CSV file with valid records is loaded into the Balihoo app.








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