How to set up Ghostscript PDF printer
Posted by Carlos Ramos on 15 Jun 2011 02:49 PM
info NOTE- This article provides installation instructions for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. For instructions on how to install the Ghostscript PDF driver on Windows 8, please click here.


Step 1 - Download

Before proceeding with the installation, you will need to determine whether you are running a 32 bit, or 64 bit, operating system.  To do so, please reference the following link and follow the instructions for the operating system you are running(i.e. Windows 7, XP, Vista):

How to determine 32/64 bit version of Windows


Once determined, please download the appropriate installer from the following :


Step 2 – Add Printer

To begin the installation, double click on the file after the download has completed.


Click onSetup’

Ghost Image 1

On the next screen, you will have the option to specify where you would like the drivers installed. It is recommended you leave it as the default, however, if you prefer to install to an alternate location, you can do so by manually entering the path or by clicking the Browse’ and navigating to the desired folder. Please note- it is important you make note of where you install them as you will need that information later on in the installation.


ghost image 02

After the installation completes,  the next step is to run theAdd Printer’ wizard.




Windows 7 / Vista / 2008
  • Click on the Start’ button in the bottom left corner of the desktop, and in the ‘Search’ box, type 'Add Printer' without the quotes.



ghost 03 image


Ensure the option for ‘Add A Local Printer’ is selected, then click ‘Next’.

ghost05 win7


Under the ‘Use the following port’ dropdown, use the default (LPT1).

ghost 07

Windows XP


Click on the Start button located in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop. Navigate to ‘Control Panel’ >Printers and Other Hardware > Add Printer.

ghost 04 image


Ensure the option for ‘Add A Local Printer’ is selected, then click ‘Next’.


ghost 05 image

Under the ‘Use the following port’ dropdown, use the default (LPT1).


Step 3 - Installation

Click on ‘Have Disk’ and either type or navigate to the path you installed the driver to earlier.


ghost 08


Continue navigating down to the \gs8.61\lib directory as shown in the screen shot below, and select the ‘ghostpdf.inf’ file. Click ‘Open’, then ‘Ok’.


ghost 10


ghost 11


The following screen should list the Ghostscript PDF driver. Click ‘Next’.


ghost 13


Under ‘Type Printer Name’ enter ‘Sybase Datawindow PS’ (without the quotes), then click ‘Next’ as shown in the screen shot below.


ghost 14


Note: If you receive a prompt advising that Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software, select ‘Install this driver software anyway’.




Select the Do not share this printer radio button, and click Next.


ghost 16


You should then receive a notification that you have successfully added the Sybase Datawindow PS printer. Ensure the ‘Set as default printer’ checkbox is DE-selected,  and then click ‘Finish’.


ghost 17


The setup is now completed, and you should be able to generate PDF export files from My Vision Express. 

For additional assistance please contact My Vision Express Support 



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