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How do I print a time sheet report for specific employee/all employees and specific time range?
Posted by Veronica Marcano on 09 May 2014 04:23 PM

 1. Go to File > Reports > Employee Timesheets or Employee Timesheets Summary.

  • If you choose Employee Timesheets you will get a very detailed report with date, time-in & out, lunch in & out, 2nd lunch in & 2nd lunch out, dinner out & dinner in, time out, total hours, remarks, and last update.  
  • If you choose Employee Timesheet Summary you will get just the total amount of hours works for the specific date range chosen. 

2. In the Criteria Tab - Search section, select the location, time date range, and the employee. If you leave the employee field blank, it will create the report for all employees. 

3. Select the Search button and the Preview Tab will open with the report for your employee(s). 



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