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How can I perform a physical count?
Posted by on 16 May 2014 05:33 PM

Doing a physical count will update your on-hand inventory. This should be done at least quarterly. When doing a physical count, do it in steps and not all at once. It is recommended that you do it, by manufacturer and collection, just in case you get tired and can't finish.

1. First go to File > Inventory > Physical Counts.

2. You will be prompted to syncronize your inventory; click Yes.

3. Once your physical count window opens, select the item that you want to count. We'll use frames as an example. After selecting frames, choose the manufacturer and then the collection.

4. For the next step, having a barcode scanner would be easiest, but not necessary. If you dont have a barcode scanner I recommend printing the barcodes or UPC's for the collection you are about to inventory so that you can enter the UPC's faster in the physical counts window.

5. Make sure you enter the UPC for the frames you do have in stock in the UPC field, then press enter. Continue doing this until you have no frames left. If you have multiple frames of the same type, press consolidate on the bottom left-hand side.

6. This will consolidate those frames together. Then, click on Fill Unscanned Items. This will help set any frames that were not scanned to a "0" count.

7. Now press the print summary button to print the variance report. Once you print and verify that you are done with that collection, click on Update On Hand. This will update that collection on frames. You can now proceed to the next collection until you are completely done with all the frames in your location.

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Kirk Malerbi
30 Dec 2015 06:23 PM
Prompt customer service is not there. I hate calling and hearing a recording for ten minutes only to be tole to leave a message and we might get called back the same day. If you can't get to us let us leave a message from the get go and not get iritated by waiting.
18 Mar 2016 11:50 AM
Is there a way to do a physical count when the scanner is in batch mode?
As it is, we have to scan the barcode then press Add on the software after each scan. This is tedious.
Our scanner goes out of range in our stock room, so when the barcodes are stored in the scanners memory, how do we transfer multiple barcodes to the software?
02 Aug 2017 05:15 PM
This "physical count" doesn't work in the real world of a practice. MVE tries to make it easy but in reality its way more complicated. I do use a barcode scanner, it is easier saves you a little time.
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