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How can I add different options to my "Claim Status" drop down menu?
Posted by Jennifer Childress on 28 Jul 2014 02:59 PM
  1. Go to FILE > Setup > Catagories
  2. Find "Insurance Claim Status" in the Category Group.
  3. Click Add to a add your desired status.
  4. (Optional) Give the status a sort order (the order it will appear in the dropdown menu on the claim).
  5. If you want a status to default in the claim status box, check the default box next to that status (only one status at a time can be set to default).
  6. If you want the status to actually HOLD the claim from being submitted, check the hold check box next to that status (more than one statuses can be set to HOLD).
  7. Click Save on the toolbar.
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