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Posted by Michelle Stone on 28 Oct 2014 04:03 PM
Need Meaningful Use Compliant Backups?
cloud backup service to the healthcare industry
Your expertise is caring for your patients. Our expertise is caring for critical healthcare data. Let DataHEALTH® take care of the Meaningful Use Recommendations for your backup so you can focus your attention on your patients.
Meaningful Use Backup Recommendations DataHEALTH
Files identified as critical are documented and listed in the backup configuration. YES
Backup schedule is timely and regular. YES
Every backup run is tested for its ability to restore the data accurately. YES
Backup media is physically secured. YES
Backup media stored offsite is encrypted. YES
Backup media is made unreadable before disposal. YES
Multiple backups are retained as a failsafe. YES
DataHEALTH is the leading provider of cloud data backup, storage, and recovery to the healthcare industry nationwide. DataHEALTH has been providing peace of mind since 2000 and is the ONLY cloud backup provider to be fully accredited as an URAC HIPAA Security Business and Covered Entity Associate. In addition, DataHEALTH is the first cloud backup provider to be NIST FIPS140-2 encryption certified.
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