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Posted by Claude Arnaud Lavaud on 24 Jul 2015 06:43 PM

ICD-10 Common Questions

Q1. Can I submit ICD-10 codes to my clearinghouse for testing? 

A1. Yes, you can submit to your clearinghouse from MVE for ICD-10 testing with our next build release

Q2. Will MVE provide all of the ICD-10 codes?

A2. Yes, we will provide the complete ICD-10 Code list. The codes are not available on the current release to prevent users from accidentally submitting 10 codes

Q3. What is the expected release date for the next build?

A3. The next release is scheduled for the month of September

Q4. Will MVE translate the current ICD-9 codes to 10? 

A4. Yes.

Q5. How do I translate my current ICD-9 Codes to ICD-10 Codes?

A5. This is achieved from File > Setup > Company -- System Tab. From the Diagnosis > General section in the Other Settings box. Select ICD10 from the dropdown to translate the current ICD-9 available in MVE to the corresponding 10 codes 

Q6. I do not have my ICD codes linked to the External/Internal tab categories of the EMR. Do I have to manually link them?

A6. Any codes not linked can be manually added to the respective category

However, any customers missing the diagnosis link to the Internal/External categories can request to import the information into their system.

**This will only add the information available in our Demo to the matching records in your system. Any additional categories will have to be linked manually**

Please contact our Support Desk at 877-882-7456 ext 3 if you have any questions

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